Welcome to Grant Avenue Designs!

I’m Jenny Grant. I am a mom of 3 little blessings (Twin boys age 6, and little sister-age 5). Before having children, I was a teacher, a curriculum designer, and a tutoring center owner. At each point in my life I loved those careers. I realized though that the part I enjoyed the most in each career was creating.

I decided that anything that took a single moment of my time from the kiddos had to be inspiring and fulfilling. Being a digital designer had always been something I longed to do. So, I started attending a Graphic Design program at SMU in Dallas. I fell in love! I’ve never been a night owl until I started designing. If I’m needed at midnight or 5:00 in the morning, you can find me on the computer!

Our children attend a Christian private school in our area that follows a university model. Which means they go to school a few days a week and then we homeschool the other few days. Right away I realized that I needed additional material to adapt the curriculum to meet our needs at home. I love their curriculum but I need games and other activities to spice it up. The hands-on teacher in me came bubbling to the surface again. All the sudden I was buying, printing, and laminating like a first year teacher! I started putting the additional activities and games I made for each week in a basket by our homeschool table. Other Moms started asking me to share a pic of my basket and what I was using. Inspiration hit! I needed to meld my two gifts together. So, I began redirecting Grant Avenue Design and focusing on creating clipart with educators in mind.

Everywhere I look I see inspiration for a new idea. I’m excited every day to create something new!

Live Inspired! Let Your Creativity Shine!