3 Must-Have Guided Reading Tools for New Readers

Let's talk about reading at home with a new reader. Can I be totally real and honest with you? Sometimes it hurts my ears.  Now, don't start judging me- I have three kids under 7 to read with every night.  So, I feel justified in this honest confession.  But, before you go sending me shaming [...]

What’s in my Teacher Bag? {Special Sounds, Fluency, & Blending}

Don't you just love a holiday weekend? We don't have any plans and I'm loving that!  Sometimes it's just nice to have a break from sports and activities to just relax at home. But, before we completely relax, I'm going to let you know what's in my teacher bag for next week. Special Sounds We've been covering [...]

What’s in my Teacher Bag? {Phonics, Fluency, & Doubles}

Hi friends! Every week I'm going to have a feature on the blog called "What's in my teacher bag?"  This is an actual bag that is chock full of everything I'm using to supplement our school curriculum for the following week!   I love sharing these hands-on activities with you and my hope is that you [...]