• R-Blends-Clipart-Bundle

R Blends Clipart Bundle


This phonics blends set has all the graphics that help teach and reinforce the R blends. Save 25% by purchasing this Bundle!

Product Description

R Blends Clipart Bundle contains all the images you need to create activities and games focusing on br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr and tr blends. This huge bundle includes 98 images! 49 vibrant, colored images and 49 black and white versions.

Save 25% by purchasing the Blends Bundle!!

Bundle includes:
BR-Blends: broom, bread, bracelet, broccoli, brush, brown
CR-Blends: crab, crow, crown, crib, crocodile, crack
DR-Blends: dream, drink, dragonfly, drum, dragon, dress
FR-Blends: frog, fruit, frame, fries, frosting, frown
GR-Blends: grass, grasshopper, grill, grave, green, grapes
PR-Blends: prince, princess, pretzel, prize, price, present
TR-Blends: train, trunk, triangle, tree, treasure, truck

The images have high resolution, so you can enlarge them and they will still be crisp.

All images are in png formats so they can easily be layered in your projects and lesson materials.

Artwork is NOT available for Resale, Reproduction, or Redistribution of any kind.

All Original Artwork and Rights are © 2013 Grant Avenue Design