Terms of Use

By purchasing graphics from Grant Avenue Design you agree to abide by our Terms of Use and you agree to respect the restrictions placed on the images and artwork created and copyright 2013 Grant Avenue Design.

Non-Profit and Personal Use:

You may use our products for your non-profit and personal projects with no obligation to place graphic credit, though it is always appreciated.

You may NOT use our products to create FREE non-profit printables and projects to share on your website or blog.

Commercial Use

Under 250 items:  You may use our products commercially as long as you give GRAPHIC CREDIT, with a url linking back to (www.grantavenuedesign.com) within your item description. This graphic credit must be placed where you are selling your item, not on a separate page.

If you do not wish to place graphic credit back to us where you sell your item, you have the option of purchasing a No-Credit-Required License for each product you purchase. Our NCR Licenses are $20.00 per Graphic Set and $5.00 per Graphic Single.

Over 250 items:  You must purchase a mass production license. $100 per graphic set.

To use our graphics commercially, there are no exceptions – Graphic Credit must be Placed, or No Credit Required License must be purchased. Without either, you are in violation of these Terms and will be contacted.

Allowed Commercial Uses


You may use our products commercially to design customized digital printable files. These files must be flattened (JPG) so that the artwork within the file is not extractable to be used separately.  All files must be an individual creation, with enough amount of your own design to make it unique.

Digital products must be customized or personalized for every customer. (For example: Cupcake Toppers with a Number or Name or an Invitation that has been customized for your client with a Name and dates.)

You may NOT sell digital products that are not customized. Digital products that are a template, BLANK to be customized by the customer, Cupcake Toppers with No Customization, Bottle Cap Images, Collage Sheets, BLANK Invitations are absolutely NOT ALLOWED.


You may use our products commercially to create printed stationary, handmade or printed cards, brochures, flyers, business cards, all sort of printed party or stationery elements, games, jewelry, clothing, accessories, home decoration..and more. If it is a tangible item (not digital) you may create it with our products.

You are allowed to create these printed products in online stores such as Zazzle, CafePress or your own website.

Please make sure you have purchased the correct license to allow for this.


You may use our products to create digital embroidery designs for commercial use. Only the digital embroidery file is permissable to include within your downloads. Please do not include our original JPG or PNG files.


You can use our products commercially on digital game or educational sheets. You may sell your creations on sites such as Teachers Pay Teachers. Please make sure you have purchased the correct license.

Your PDFs and other files must be password protected or JPG flattened before being made into a PDF to protect the artwork from being extracted. All PDF files must contain a link within them linking back to (http://www.grantavenuedesign.com)


You may use our graphics to create websites, blog headers and logo designs. Designs must be flattened for client and artwork 100% non-extractable. Graphic credit is required on sites that use our images unless the No Credit Required License is purchased.

Uses Not Allowed and In Violation


Our products are NOT to be used as part of a Scrapbook Kit or Re-Packaged in a clipart collection to be sold as a digital download.


You may NOT create non-customized digital downloads, such as: Cupcake Toppers, Wrappers, Bottle Cap Circles, Invitations, Collage Sheets, or Party Printables.


Graphics are NOT to be SHARED, traded, or given away for FREE. Sharing our graphics with others is the equivalent of STEALING and is Illegal. Please do not swap and share our images.

You cannot sell our graphics AS IS and claim them as your own. All image and artwork copyrights belong to Grant Avenue Design.

If you have any questions concerning these Terms of Use or would like to Report a Violation of these Terms of Use, please contact us at: jenny@grantavenuedesign.com.