We are moving right along this year!  With three kiddos homeschooling this year, I’m juggling a bit more than last year, but I think we’ve finally settled into a rhythm.

Sight Words

This week all my kiddos will be using this Stamp It, Trace It, Write It Activity.  The boys are really concentrating on not just learning to recognize their sight words, but also to spell them, so this helps a lot.  I’ve used the words that come in the printable and I also use the blank page to make our own.  I got our stamps and ink pads from Amazon because I love Prime 2 day shipping!  We’ve used the stamps for lots of other activities so it has been a good investment.


Short Vowels & S Blends

All my kiddos will also be playing one of our favorite games,  Short Vowel Bump.  This is a review for the boys but it’s fun and it boosts their confidence.  I laminated these and I’m glad I did because they have been used a lot.  I love when they’re learning and they don’t even realize it!

My boys will also be playing this S Blends Bump– it’s a FREE one!



The boys will be doing this fun FREE I Spy Telling Time Activity.  It’s a quiet activity they can work independently on while I’m listening to each child read and they’ll enjoy moving around the room looking for the clocks.


How many times today did you have to warn your child that they were about to lose a privilege? How many times did you praise them for good behavior? Sometimes a visual indicator is much more effective.  This behavior chart has really helped our homeschool days move smoothly!


Our family just got an iPad but we don’t want the kids on it all the time, or begging for it either.  On our homeschool days (T & Th) IF they work up to pink then they can earn 15 minutes on the iPad.  This has worked beautifully!  Since they’re only allowed to use it on those days no one begs for it the rest of the week and it remains “special” for our homeschool days.

And because I like sneaky learning, most of the apps they can play are educational apps. If you have a favorite learning app let me know what it is by commenting below!

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