Don’t you just love a holiday weekend? We don’t have any plans and I’m loving that!  Sometimes it’s just nice to have a break from sports and activities to just relax at home.

But, before we completely relax, I’m going to let you know what’s in my teacher bag for next week.

Special Sounds

We’ve been covering special sounds in school but I want them to have some focused practice outside their Abeka Reading book.  Anytime practice can be put into a game it makes learning fun. This cute Snail Blend Game is the best kind- it’s FREE!  I love a print and play game- no laminating or cutting- easy peasy!



I’ll be combining reading special sounds with fluency with these Blends & Digraph Puzzles. They will read the story and put the events of the story in order to complete each puzzle. New readers can get bogged down in sounding out words and forfeit comprehension. This is fabulous practice for reminding children WHY they read!  Black and white versions are included in this download so you don’t have to use up all your ink.  I’m going to let my boys cut the puzzles out and paste them together.  Note:  make sure to print the version where the pictures are out of order so they can’t memorize the order before cutting apart.


Beginning Reading Skills

I don’t want to leave out my Kindergarten friends.  I’ve struggled with what to plan next week for my Kindergirl.  They’re going to be starting blending sounds together to make words and she has that down pretty good with short vowels. I finally decided I’m going to pull out these FREE Sliding Word Cards that are great for continued practice or if you’re just starting out blending sounds. They were a life saver when my boys began.

I’m also going to start her on these Fluency & Comprehension Passages.  I had them printed and hole punched at Staples.  Now they’re in a binder which makes it easy to store and to keep our place with a sticky note instead of having to print out a passage every week.


That’s it for the short week we’re going to have after Labor Day!  Hope you have a great, fun-filled, holiday!  Don’t miss your FREEBIE Friday this week!